IKEv2 – macOS

The first step is to import the root certificate of the HamCloud VPN server:

  • Download the root certificate here and open it with “Keychain Access”.
  • Add certificate to the Keychain “System”.
  • In Keychain Access, choose System, select the Certificates tab and double-click the “HamCloud VPN Root CA” certificate.
  • Unfold “Trust” and change “IP Security (IPsec)” and “X.509 Basic Policy” to “Always Trust”.
  • The certificate is now shown as trusted.

The second step is to create a new VPN configuration:

  • Add VPN configuration with type IKEv2 in the network system settings.
  • Create the VPN profile with the following data:
    • Display Name: Hamcloud VPN
    • Server address: vpn.hc.r1.ampr.org
    • Remote ID: vpn.hc.r1.ampr.org
    • Type: Username
    • Username: <enter username of VPN credentials>
    • Password: <enter password of VPN credentials>

Now the VPN connection can be used:

  • Click on the VPN icon.
  • Select the HamCloud VPN and activate it.
  • You are now connected to the HamCloud.