IKEv2 – Ubuntu

  • Get some extra packages using “apt-get” in a Terminal.
sudo apt-get install network-manager-strongswan libcharon-extra-plugins libstrongswan-extra-plugins
  • Download the root certificate here to your Downloads folder.
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Add a new VPN using the “+” button.
  • Select “IPsec/IKEv2 (strongswan)”.
  • Create the VPN profile with the following data:
    • Name: Hamcloud
    • Server:
      • Address: vpn.hc.r1.ampr.org
      • Certificate: Select the “hamcloud-vpn-root-ca.cer” from your “Downloads” folder.
    • Client:
      • Username: <enter username of VPN credentials>
      • Password: Select Icon on the right side, select “Store the password only for this user” and <enter password of VPN credentials>
    • Options:
      • Select “Request an inner IP address”.

Now the VPN connection can be used:

  • Select the HamCloud VPN.
  • Acticate the HamCloud VPN.
  • You are now connected to the HamCloud VPN.